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"I feel as though the energy here is untouched by the negative events that happen in our everyday world. These woods have a very sacred feel to them. They are pure and uncontaminated like the rest of the world. What I mean by this is that when negative actions take place, they leave behind an energy signature. This energy signature resonates for years and centuries. It can cause a very stagnate and negative vibe to linger. Some people feel this as a haunting.
This particular property, for whatever reason, has been left untouched by such activity. You can feel it right away. It’s like crossing a line into a new region or walking into a bubble that is pure, fresh and unlike any place you have ever been before. I know there are other regions like this around the world but they are quite rare. The energy at the Red Spirit resonates with the Native Americans. It’s as if their songs and gratitude still linger here. There is so much peace, harmony and serenity that permeate the entire grounds. When you come here you feel it, breathe it in and it surrounds you like a warm and comfortable blanket."
Antoinette Lewicki
Psychic Medium and Reiki Master



A place where time draws down, the spirit reflects and inspiration is renewed

The Red Spirit Retreat Center offers rental space in a rustic, private nature setting.  Located just south of Saugatuck and two miles from Lake Michigan, the center supports sustainable practices in the middle of twenty acres of a diverse and beautiful forest.  A one-acre pond, woodland trails and three facilities offer space for:

• Spiritual and silent meditation retreats
• Educational workshops
• Yoga and wellness retreats
• Reunions
• Creative workshops
• Vacation rentals
• Meetings
• Theater groups
• Music groups
• Rustic weddings
• Memorials
• Scout camping

"If you are looking to re-awaken to joy and inspiration for life in nature, relax, rejuvenate as you soak in the sounds, smells and sights of the forest, all the while feasting on knock-your-socks-off gourmet food, a retreat at the Red Spirit is for you." Pamela, Skokie, IL

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By supporting the Red Spirit Retreat Center, you are supporting sustainable living with focus on community.  In turn, the Red Spirit rewards you with affordable rates, continued improvements and memorable experiences.